1961 Born in Toronto, Canada.
1978 Graduated Verde Valley School, Sedona, Arizona, USA, an alternative, college preparatory school.
1979 Attended UC Berkley, Berkley, California, USA and University of the Pacific (UOP), Stockton, California, USA. Majored in Cultural Anthropology and International Studies.
Year abroad Japan program with Raymond-Callison cluster college, UOP.
1980 Completed 3 month field experience stay at a Soto Zen Buddhist temple, Nara, Japan. Took a leave of absence from university studies to travel extensively throughout Asia while studying/working in the Kansai area, Japan.
Became a pupil of contemporary clay artist, Nanako Kaji, Kyoto, Japan.
1983 Referred by Nanako Kaji to enter full time professional potter training, at Tekisui Art Museum Ceramic Research Institute (founded by Kazuo Yagi), Ashiya, Japan.
1986 Transferred to University of New York, Kyoto, Japan center, changing Bachelor of Arts major to Ceramics.
1987 Graduated both Tekisui Art museum Ceramics Research Institute and University of New York. Worked under Junichi Kozuru, Fukoka, Japan, acquiring ash-glaze dynamics and wood-fired kiln experience.
1991 Completed the building of home studio and wood-fired “TANGAMA” on uninhabited land in the remote countryside of northern Kyoto. Established “Studio 22” together with Korean colleague, Choi, Hwa Bun (Sai, Ka-Fun). Held “First Kiln Opening Exhibition”, at home Studio 22, Ayabe, Kyoto, Japan.
Since 1993 Exhibited in the annual Women’s Ceramic Art Association Competition, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, 5 times. Exhibited in the annual “Shinsho” (new design) Art and Craft Association Competition, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, yearly.
1998 Won the “Best Effort Award” from the Shinsho Art and Craft Association Competition.
2001 Became a junior member of the Shinsho Art and Craft Association. Invited as a guest artist to participate in two Canadian Consulate sponsored art exhibitions, Osaka and Kobe, Japan.
2003 Korean colleague, Choi, Hwa Bun expires from Ovarian Cancer.
2005 Chosen to exhibit in the “Selected Kyoto Artists Exhibition”, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art.
2010 Won the “Junior Member Award” in the Shinsho Art and Craft Association Competition.
2011 Became a full member of the Shinsho Art and Craft Association.

Became a member of the Kyoto Craft Artists' Association.

Numerous group and solo exhibitions at galleries, the Shibuya Tokyu Department store,
Sake breweries, and other unique “Spaces” in Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Fukui, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagano, Yamanashi, Fukushima (Charity), Okinawa, Canada, and USA. Her ceramics are in private collections, temples and shrines, and restaurants and bars throughout Japan. Her artwork is also in private collections in Canada, USA, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, and Portugal.

Interviewed and photographed for newspaper and magazine articles; functional ware used in a gourmet magazine shoot; written about in a book of  “Faces In Kyoto”; and appeared in various television news programs, including a 17 minute lifework documentary.

Besides creating in clay, she team-teaches at a local cooking school, primarily about the aesthetics of food-on-plate presentation. She also occasionally lectures, is a guest speaker at events, and participates on panel discussions about cross-cultural harmony; her personal adventures in over 50 countries; the wisdom behind traditional, Japanese country living; and the preservation of the earth’s environment.